Leadership Blog #92 — Develop Leadership Pipeline to Build Current and Future Success

Develop Leadership Pipeline to Build Current and Future Success

A vibrant leadership pipeline secures the long-term stability of your organisation.

Being strategic about your leadership talent pipeline as you are about your business ensures that you’re building a robust pipeline that attracts and retains leaders whilst aligns to deliver against the desired results of your business.

With four decades of experience with business leaders, our partner AchieveForum found that highly effective leaders excel in four areas. The development of leaders at all levels should focus on specific areas to drive effectiveness, agility, and strategy execution now and in the future.

These focus areas play out differently for different leadership levels. Similar to having a different approach for targeting each audience needs, leaders are the same. First-line, mid-level, and high-potential/ senior leaders have their unique needs. As they move up the ranks, leaders must expand and deepen their focus in each of these areas to be effective.

AchieveForum’s point of view paper, “Align Your Business and Leadership Strategies”, reveals more on these four focus areas and the characteristics that should be the spotlight of design for each level of leader.

Download to learn more on building a pipeline of leadership talent to execute strategy for today and tomorrow.

Download “Align Your Business and Leadership Strategies”

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Leadership Blog #91 — Uncover the Hidden Training Challenges

Uncover the Hidden Training Challenges

Leaders are responsible for developing the talent in their organizations. As retired chairman and CEO of General Electric Jack Welch says, “My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people”.

At times, simply nourishing may not be sufficient and weeding becomes necessary. What if you could uncover your team’s hidden beliefs that are silently undermining training efforts?

The findings of a brain imaging study released by our partner TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) provide some insights. Through this first-of-its-kind research, authentic and unbiased reactions to skills were revealed. It affirms that skills are experience-based and tied directly to emotional reactions, meaning you can have positive acceptance to a soft skill or you can have a very negative subconscious reaction.

Download the white paper “Uncovering Training Challenges With Brain Imaging” below to learn more on the research findings that may help you solve many of your leadership training dilemmas.

Do you have a training project that would benefit from these findings? Contact us to learn more on how you can use TTI SI assessments to transform your training and increase your results. 

Download white paper “Uncovering Training Challenges With Brain Imaging”

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Leadership Blog #90 — Inspire Leaders From High Potential to High Performance

Inspire Leaders From High Potential to High Performance

Every company has some high potential (HiPo) leaders in their midst. The challenge is how to identify them. Accurately distinguishing the high performance and high potentials employees greatly helps an organisation to develop and retain top talent—and vice versa.

Recently, our partner AchieveForum hosted a webinar, “From High Potential to High Performance”, where they explored how to identify and amplify HiPo leaders and provided some best practices to develop a HiPo leadership program. This comes timely as the Corporate Research Forum had reported that 53% of organizations are not satisfied with their HiPo programs.

Listen to the webinar recording to hear the entire discussion, including examples and practical advice for setting up your HiPo for success.

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Leadership Blog #89 — Who's in Charge?

Who’s in Charge?

Are you in charge of your kids or are they in charge of you?

It may be good to lead with empathy. However, the majority of us have not figured out how to be empathetic while still remain directive.

Recently, I read an article by Tim Elmore where he shares six steps that we can take to be proactive, rather than reactive, in our leadership. Have a good read, take charge and lead the way!

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Leadership Blog #88 — How Much Are Bad Hires Costing You?

How Much Are Bad Hires Costing You?

Have you ever calculated the cost of hiring the wrong person? TTISI has provided a simple calculator to do this. Download it here.

Hiring the wrong candidate is costly in terms of money, lost productivity, poor morale and possible damaged customer or vendor relationships. Over the past 30 years poor hiring decisions have cost me. What can you learn not to repeat or at least minimize this? A few key insights:

Never Hire Alone. Make sure your hiring process involves at least 3 people who share their insights on any candidate. Discuss and compare interview feedback. And hire on consensus.

Use this Hiring Decision Ratio. 30% Interview Feedback, 30% Referrals, 30% Assessments, and Profiles, 10% Gut Feeling.

Ask the Acid Test Question. (Learned this from Gazelle Scaling up). “May I call your previous two employers and ask for their feedback on you as an employee and team player?” If the answer or candidate body language is negative, beware!

Employ “American Idol.” Ask the candidate to give you a 3-minute impromptu presentation while standing to this topic: “Why I want to Work for Your Company.”

Beware of Masks. All candidates put on their best mask during the interview. Use Behavior and Motivator Profiles like TTISI provides to explore the candidates leadership and team style as well as what drives this person to succeed. Profile sharing builds trust and gets to the “true candidate.”

Go Beyond the CV or Resume. A clear concise resume is a good indicator, but better you look for linking the candidate history to their future potential. Explore more the potential for competency development to succeed in your company.

Employ these six hiring guidelines and save your company significant money, and, you less headaches!

Have a Great Hiring Week!


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Leadership Blog #87 — 15 Things that Set Our TTISI DISC Profiles Apart

15 Things that Set Our TTISI DISC Profiles Apart

Not all DISC Behavioral Profiles are created equal. ELAvate has been partnering with TTISI since 1997 and have found their DISC profiles superior. In fact, 7 seconds of every day, someone is completing a TTISI DISC profile across the world.

ELAvate customers regularly employ TTISI profiles for helping them remain competitive in these areas of their business:

  • Hiring and Promoting Managers
  • Interviewing Candidates across all Levels of Organizations
  • Increasing Sales and Service Performance
  • Team building and Team Productivity
  • Pre Marital Counseling
  • Student and Teacher Relationships and Learning Styles

15-Things-That-Set-TTISI-Behaviors-Assessments-Apart-CVDownload the TTISI White Paper “15 Things That Set TTISI Behaviors Assessments Apart” below. Find out how you can rely on ELAvate’s partner TTISI to improve the productivity and relationships in your organization and with your customers.

If you wish to find out more or do a complimentary profile, contact me direct.

Have a great week!

Download “15 Things That Set TTISI Behaviors Assessments Apart” White Paper

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Leadership Blog #86 — Developing Your Middle Level Leaders

Developing Your Middle Level Leaders

In just about everything, the middle makes things happen and happen well.

Middle leaders translate strategic priorities into actionable plans and drive the implementation through challenges. Yet today many find themselves “stuck in the middle.”

In their whitepaper “Leading Change: The Pivotal Role of Middle Level Leader Fitness”, AchieveForum outlines the critical dimensions required for success in leading change for middle level leaders and provides insight on how to optimize their contribution.

Unfreeze your middle leaders and watch their impact on the business performance!

Leadership Blog #86 — Download  Leading Change: The Pivotal Role of Middle Level Leader Fitness

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Leadership Blog #85 — Leading Young Adults to Self-Confidence

Leading Young Adults to Self-Confidence

“I can’t do it.”

“I don’t know how to…”

“It can’t be done.”

Have you heard these from seemingly capable young adults? According to Growing Leader’s survey responses on what leadership skill or quality students believe they lack the most, it is confidence.

Young people can achieve so much more when they acquire a healthy level of self-confidence. They are more likely to be motivated, have a “can do” attitude and are better equipped to face challenges. Imagine the positive impact it will have on their outlook, performance, and contribution to the company.

Leaders, coaches, or parents inevitably have a powerful influence on young adults. If you think your young adults’ confidence needs a good boost, take a look at these ten ideas on how to build their confidence by Dr. Tim Elmore.

Have a great week hearing them saying “I can do it!”

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Leadership Blog #84 — What Impact Does Parents’ Use of Technology Have On Their Children?

What Impact Does Parents’ Use of Technology Have On Their Children?

Many articles are written about the impact of smartphones on the younger generation, some very critical and others positive. Titles like “Screenagers” and “Artificial Maturity” give us insight on how technology influences millennials’ ability to build relationships and communicate. But what about us parents? What impact does our use of technology have on our children?

Read Dr. Tim Elmore’s essay “One Addiction that Causes Parents Regrets” and Donne Restom’s article on “The Devastating Effect Smartphones are Having on Families”. After reading these articles, reflect on your use of technology in your relationships wth your kids and spouse.

Do you need to make any changes when at home to better lead, connect and nurture your kids?

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Leadership Blog #83 — What Are You Doing to Build Your Culture of Accountability?

What Are You Doing to Build Your Culture of Accountability?

Accountability may mean different things to different people but surely, accountability begins with the leader. Many leaders, however, finds holding their team accountable a challenge.

“Leaders have not yet harnessed the untapped potential for accountability that resides in their organizations”, one of the conclusion drawn from an AchieveForum survey.

For accountability to be an important leadership concept, it must be linked to both individual and organizational performance. In AchieveForum’s “Creating A Culture Of Engagement and Accountability” point of view paper, they elaborate on the linkage between accountability and performance, and how organizations close accountability gaps, based on findings from their research.

Download the paper and start building your culture of accountability without turning your organization into a military institute.

Leadership Blog #83 — Download Creating A Culture Of Engagement and Accountability

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