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Leading Young Adults to Self-Confidence

Leadership Blog #85 — Leading Young Adults to Self-Confidence

“I can’t do it.” “I don’t know how to…” “It can’t be done.” Have you heard these from seemingly capable young adults? According to Growing Leader’s survey responses on what leadership skill or quality students believe they lack the most,

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Coaching According to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership Blog #79 — Coaching According to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Everyone should have a coach, even leaders. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says one of the best advice he ever got was to get a coach. In the world of executive coaching, Marshall Goldsmith is recognized as an insightful and

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Engaged Leaders, Engaged Employees

Leadership Blog #77 — Engaged Leaders, Engaged Employees

A good deal of successful leaders recognise engagement as a critical element to organizations’ success. With research backing up the impact of engagement on productivity and profitability, it’s no wonder that business leaders are now putting great emphasis on pursuing

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Rethink, Refine, and Revitalize Performance Management

Leadership Blog #75 — Rethink, Refine, and Revitalize Performance Management | ELAvate Leaders Blog

For many years, annual performance review was a key essential tool that had been useful in helping employers track performance, guide employees and reward achievers. In 2016, companies started to challenge their views on annual performance review. Many organizations had

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Building a Healthy Identity

Leadership Blog #71 — Five Actions that Form a Healthy Identity

Recently, Tim Elmore blogs about the growing emphasis on personal self-esteem he noticed during his lifetime. The definitions for healthy self-esteem however have changed in this smartphone and social media generation. Does it foster a new kind of self-esteem or

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Which Habits Will You Replace to Be a Better Parent or Leader?

Leadership Blog #66 — Which Habits Will You Replace to Be a Better Leader?

Our lives revolve around our habits. As Catherine Pulsifer describes, “There are two types of habits: ones which comfort us, and ones which would be a comfort if we stopped.” Recently, Tim Elmore wrote an insightful article on parenting habits.

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Investing in Your First-Line Leaders

Leadership Blog #62 - Investing in Your First-Line Leaders

Last year, we shared the secrets to successful first line leadership. Given that first-line leaders oversee approximately 80 percent of the workforce, their impact and influence can be quite significant—positively or negatively. How do you invest in developing effective first-line leaders who helps

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Have You Missed Anything?

Leadership Blog #61 - Have You Missed Anything?

“Improvement begins with I.” says Arnold H. Glasow. The way to successful leadership is to aspire for continuous improvement. Have you ever wondered how to lead more effectively? If so, there’s a good news I’m excited to share with you. The John

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Be Inspired by These Great Leaders

Leadership Blog #59 - Be Inspired by These Great Leaders

Great leaders inspire by setting good examples that others want to follow. Are there any great leaders whom you admire and learn from? Last week, I chanced upon an article by Tim Elmore from Growing Leaders and thought of sharing it with

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3 Effective Ways to Engage Your Team

Leadership Blog #58 - 3 Effective Ways to Engage Your Team

I’m excited to share with you that the leadership segment of AchieveGlobal will be coming together with The Forum Corporation to bring you the best in leadership development solutions. Read the press release to know more » A recent leadership research from The

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