2020 is Near – Are You Ready for a Great Year?

With 2020 on a few weeks away, it is time to reflect on 2019 and prepare for a more significant 2020. Here are ten questions for you to think about the past year.

1.   What life changes did you go through in 2019? What did you learn about yourself, relationships and life?

2.   List your top three accomplishments for 2019 and the impact on you and others.

3.   How would you score yourself on each of these: teachability, humility, forgiveness and patience?

4.   How was your life “balance” in 2019? Where was it in or out of balance?

5.   What goals or projects did you achieve in 2019? How do you feel about the achievements?

6.   What goals did you not accomplish in 2019? What have you learned?

7.   How generous were you last year? What did you give, do for others? How did you feel?

8.   What mistakes, regrets or failures did you make in 2019? What was the outcome for you? Did you fail forward?

9.   Evaluate yourself on your physical and spiritual health.

10. Were you able to flourish in your life purpose or calling? What were the accelerators or obstacles in your calling?

Your reflection and vision for 2020 sets the stage for you to determine your journey to significance. I have created for you a Lego House Goal Sheet that helps you plan and list out your life mission, values and goals for 2020. You ask “Lego House,” what do you mean?”

I do not believe in life balance. Most people will balance one key aspect of their life against all others. For example, you find sales people and CEO’s put their personal or company revenue targets at the expense of all other areas of their life: health, family come to mind. I call this the “Running the Rat Race.”

Instead why not lead a wholesome life that is integrated across the “Lego” building blocks that “houses” your goals to reach real success and significance?

Click on the link here to download our ELAVate Lego House 2020 Goal Sheet and explore, reflect, change and commit to integrated goals for a more wholesome life of significance in 2020.


If you need my insight, help or coaching on

Your calling, vision, focus and goals for 2020,

email me michael.griffin@elavateglobal.com


Begin your 2019 reflection and start planning for a more fruitful 2020!

Have a great week!

Michael J Griffin

Founder ELAvate

John Maxwell Team Founder

Executive ELAvate Coach

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