5 Ways to Avoid Making a Bad Hire

Businesses work through their ability to establish relationships. Whether that is with consumer, suppliers, distributors, they are all important. One of the most important is the staff that work for your organisation. Having the right individuals on your team can be the difference between success and failure.

TTI Success Insights regularly provides articles related to the hiring of the right individuals, or the consequences of the wrong one.  Previously, they have looked at how much the wrong individual will cost your organisation, (Hint: it’s not cheap). Then there is the risk thatthe bad hire may infect your culture and the current success of your business.

Continuing with this theme, their latest article again looks at bad hires. IT highlights the 5 main reasons that a bad hire can occur:

  1. Utilizing a Lackluster or Low Cost Job Board. As with everything in life you get what you pay for. If you are unwilling to pay for quality means to attract potential employees, its highly doubtful you will get them.
  2. Rush to Hire. Fast decisions are often poor decisions. Take your time to evaluate both the prospect and the potential market.
  3. Not Gathering Enough Information. This isn’t about the prospect, it’s about the role. As a hiring manager you need to fully understand the responsibilities that the new employee will undertake. This allows you to have abetter idea of the skills and attributes you will be looking for.
  4. Unstructured and Inconsistent Selection Process. Having a stable method of recruitment is incredibly important. Without a fixed process, variation could allow the wrong individual to slip through or the right one slip away.
  5. Poor Leadership or Management. John Maxwell says you are what you attract, if you are wanting to hire the best you need to present your organisation as the place that will provide them the best opportunity to grow. Michael Griffin, has told me that when looking for a job that the main thing to look for is not the pay or benefits but who you will be looking for. Do they have the potential to help you grow?

I hope that these lessons from TTI Success Insights will be able to help you maximise the efficiency of your recruitment process. However, recruiting isn’t the only option.It’s your job as a leader to develop those around you to be better and perform new skills.


E.M. Godsman

ELAvate Global

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