8 Steps to Take as A Leader in Crisis Can Take Now!

by Korn Ferry – An ELAvate Partner

Covid-19 has spawned a lot of advice for businesses and leaders. Our ELAvate partner, Korn Ferry, has assembled the 8 Steps every leader of a team, company or non-profit can take and act on daily to lead, guide their teams to come out stronger through this crisis. These steps are concise and actionable.

Read and implement them this week!

Be purposeful • Constantly remind people why it is so important that we exist. • See this crisis as a new way to purposefully serve colleagues and customers in new, meaningful, value-creating ways. • Leverage purpose as a new tool of innovation; purpose can touch lives in new ways.

Be empathetic • Acknowledge others’ stress in this situation. • Know that people are also struggling with personal and family issues beneath the business issues. • Show you care about them versus the enterprise only. • Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Be calm, clear, and confident • Communicate with realness, clarity, authenticity, and regularity: tell the real story. • Express a vision of the other side of this…elevate from now to next. • Convert anxiety to the attitude “we will get through this together.”

Be both action oriented and reflective • Reconcile the paradox of pause and action; both are critical. • Avoid being too passive or too hyperactive during these times. • Step back to reflect, learn, and strategize when the pace and bias for action are too high.

Be inspiring • Share stories that reveal the enduring values and what is really important now. • Remember the purpose of the enterprise and rally people around it. • See the crisis as an opportunity to more deeply live and serve our people and customers.

Be resilient • Take care of your energy, wellness, and fitness. • Encourage others to take care of themselves, and demonstrate by modeling it. • Show your energy to take on these challenges with energy and innovation.

Be aware of mindsets • Move from fixed/fear mindsets to growth mindsets. • Know that our openness and closedness opens or closes others. • Catch yourself in fixed/fear mindsets and move to growth mindsets before acting or behaving.

Be courageous • Make the tough decisions on purpose and with courage. • Pay attention to fear-based, reactive decisions. • Inspire others with your courage, energy, and positivity.

Review and reflect on these 8 Steps you can take and decide how you will use them to lead your team in crisis.

Michael J Griffin
Founder ELAvate
Korn Ferry Partner

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