Author: Michael Griffin

How to Give a Presentation to Strangers

As a transformational leader, you often have to stand and talk to strangers. Bill Rosenthal, CEO of our partner Communispond, has shared his insight on giving presentation to strangers. This will elevate your presentation skills whether you’re presenting to a

Why Mentoring Is Important

I came across this article on Mentoring. This article by TTI Success Insight’s Editor, Dave Clark will give you further insight on types of mentors and their ways of mentoring. Read the complete article below to grow more as a leader

9 Ways to Stop a Bad Hire from Infecting Good Talent

John Maxwell’s Law of the Bad Apple states “Rotten Attitudes Ruin the Team.” TTISI Global Marketing Head, Candice Frazer, bites deeper into the Law of the Bad Apple by explaining the effects and remedies for making a bad hiring decision.

Wise Leadership Proverbs from Solomon

King Solomon has been called the wisest person who ever walked on earth. I have been reading his proverbs on leadership and found many of them insightful. Let’s have a quick review of his words of wisdom that may accelerate

We Have Moved to a New Office!

We are excited to announce that ELAvate Training Indonesia has moved to a new location. Our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space. Our new address

Churchill Recipe for Presentation Impact

Giving powerful presentations multiplies your influence as a leader. The former Prime Minister Winston Churchill teaches us the recipe for giving impactful messages when public speaking. I learned this from Dr. Tim Elmore in his Habitude leadership lesson called “The

Devastating Effects Social Media on Generation Z

Recently, I came across this article on Generation Z by Tim Elmore and thought it may give you all insights on how social media has effect us especially those of Generation Z. Read more.  

How to Choose a Virtual Instructor-led Training Program

Leadership Blog #101 — How to Choose a Virtual Instructor-led Training Program

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)—training that is delivered in a virtual environment, or when instructor and learner are in separate locations—is transforming the way people learn. Within businesses, VILT are increasingly being utilized for professional skills development, sales training, customer and

Communicate Effectively with the Secret of Chosen Words

Leadership Blog #100 — Communicate Effectively with the Secret of Chosen Words

Imagine having a conversation with four different people: Who would you have more difficulty communicating with? Most likely, you would have reacted negatively to one of them. Why is that so? The findings from a pilot study conducted by Target

Leading Young Men to Adulthood

Leadership Blog #99 — Leading Young Men to Adulthood

The journey of transformation from a young man to a mature adult can be challenging. Many more young men are now trapped between adolescence and adulthood. Positive role models are crucial during this transition. Yet often, they are few and

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