Author: Michael Griffin

4 Simple Ways to Build a Conscious Culture at Your Company

By Joe Galvin of Vistage Company culture starts with leadership. Don’t leave your culture to its own devices. Build it with intention as the leaders of a company influence your culture! First let’s define company culture based on Dr. Fons

The Future of Intercultural Training: 4 Trends for 2020

by Nicole Barile of NB Intercultural Nicole outlines why intercultural training is a skill we all need. Read on for this short 3 minute read. My company, ELAvate is an Asian Leader in Intercultural Inclusivity Training for Global Leaders, Sales

Blogs I have Read in 2019 and My Top 12

I have found my reading habits have gone through an evolution over the past two years. Two years ago….. I read in newspaper format The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist and the local newspapers where I am working.

2020 is Near – Are You Ready for a Great Year?

With 2020 on a few weeks away, it is time to reflect on 2019 and prepare for a more significant 2020. Here are ten questions for you to think about the past year. 1.   What life changes did you go

Who is this High Performance Team?

Dr. Katzenbach and Dr. Smith of Harvard Business School have an excellent definition of High Performing Teams. Here it is (with the words in parentheses added by myself): A small number of (high trust) people with complimentary skills who are

The Work of the Manager By Dr. Peter Drucker

During my morning quiet time, I always read the “The Daily Drucker.” This book is a compilation of the best of Peter Drucker’s insights.  He has been called the “Father of Modern Management.” I find it amazing his insights, advice

Some Very interesting News Korn Ferry Acquires Miller Heiman Group and Achieve Forum

Yesterday morning I awoke to some very interesting news! My two principals, Miller Heiman Group – MHG (AchieveGlobal sales training before) and Achieve Forum – AF (AchieveGlobal Leadership training before) were acquired by Korn Ferry, the very large human resource

The Seven Dimensions of Culture Certification Workshop By Dr. Fons Trompenaars in Singapore!

I normally do not use my blog space to “promote” but this is an excellent exception. In 1994, I read the book “Riding the Waves of Culture” by Dr. Fons Trompenaars. This book and it’s exposition of Seven Dimensions of

What is Your Skill Set for the Future?

The World Economic Forum has produced a report called “The Future of Jobs Report” that makes well researched predictions about the changes in jobs, redundancies, and skill sets needed by 2022.  Let’s get to it and review their 2022 skills

Goals are Overrated – Good Habits are Underrated

Mark Mason wrote a blog in 2016 on goals versus habits called “Your Goals are Overrated.” It got me thinking as I read it on how habits, good or bad, affect my success in life (if you read, some of

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