Be a Work From Home Dad Who Leaves a Legacy!

By Michael J Griffin
Father and Grandfather
Founder of ELAvate

Many of us have been working at home while being surrounded by our kids. A blessing and sometimes a disturbance. I believe it is a blessing that dads, who may be normally focused on working and their career, have this very opportune time in Covid working from home to:

“Be the Dad You are called to Be – Leave a Legacy.”


“Kids Always Love Mommy but Follow Daddy”

Mothers, don’t get me wrong! In my long career of coaching many male executives, I have seen that the men need more support to focus on being a great dad. Moms are great at raising kids!

What inspired me to write this blog? The death of a great dad named Melvin Maxwell who lived to the age 98. He was Dr. John Maxwell’s father had the greatest impact on John’s life. Why? Melvin saw his calling was to nurture and develop his children so when they launch out in life, they will reach their full potential. Melvin had no regrets as a father.

Melvin Maxwell left a legacy. What legacy are you leaving in your kids?

Many men have been brainwashed to believe their first calling is to be the bread winner or rice bowl for their family. Not true! If you are a parent, father or mother, you first calling is to be a loving, nurturing parent to your kids.

Dads! Don’t regret later in life (or on your death bed) you did not spend enough time with your kids when they were growing up.

There is a song about a dad who regrets not spending time with his son. The tune is by Harry Chapin called “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Listen to the video and pay attention to the lyrics. Are you like Harry’s dad?

Click image to play the video

Dads! Working from home is your opportunity to grow as a dad who loves and nurtures your kids to be successful and significant in their lives!

I have worked from home since 1999 and raised two daughters Jade and Jasmine and now help nurture my granddaughter Lara Mei. I have made a few mistakes in the parenting journey but I have no regrets of the legacy I will leave.

Many mentors who guided and blessed me to be a better dad. I have also learned from my own fatherly mishaps and successes. The lessons and ideas to be a great dad are captured in the booklet I wrote called “Dads, Be the Leader for Your Children!” This booklet is all applications for you to be Dad:

  • The Hero
  • The Leader
  • Who Loves
  • Who is Available
  • Who Disciplines
  • Who is Humble

Download the booklet here. Have an enjoyable read and begin to apply (while working at home) how to be the dad who leaves a powerful positive legacy in your children.

Be a Melvin Maxwell. Have no regrets as a dad but celebrate the legacy you will leave through your children!

Michael J Griffin
Founder ELAvate
John Maxwell Team Founder
Now a Granddad – The second round is easier!

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