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How are You Coping and Growing Through the Covid Crisis?

Dear ELAvate Friends, Covid is causing you to change. These changes can make you a better leader, a better spouse, and even a better parent. How are you growing or coping through this Covid changes and maintaining healthy relationships? My

Communicate Effectively with the Secret of Chosen Words

Leadership Blog #100 — Communicate Effectively with the Secret of Chosen Words

Imagine having a conversation with four different people: Who would you have more difficulty communicating with? Most likely, you would have reacted negatively to one of them. Why is that so? The findings from a pilot study conducted by Target

Can You Be an Introvert and a Leader?

Leadership Blog #96 — Can You Be an Introvert and a Leader?

When we think of leaders, these are the usual words that come to mind: “Power”, “Confident”, “Dominant”, “Expressive” and “Charismatic”. A popular perception is that extroverts leaders generally perform better than passive, quiet and reserved introverts. It is out of the common to

How Much Are Bad Hires Costing You?

Leadership Blog #88 — How Much Are Bad Hires Costing You?

Have you ever calculated the cost of hiring the wrong person? TTISI has provided a simple calculator to do this. Download it here. Hiring the wrong candidate is costly in terms of money, lost productivity, poor morale and possible damaged

15 Things that Set Our TTISI DISC Profiles Apart

Leadership Blog #87 — 15 Things that Set Our TTISI DISC Profiles Apart

Not all DISC Behavioral Profiles are created equal. ELAvate has been partnering with TTISI since 1997 and have found their DISC profiles superior. In fact, 7 seconds of every day, someone is completing a TTISI DISC profile across the world.

The Skills Entrepreneurs Lack Most – Me Included!

In my last ELAvate Sales blog post, I wrote about the skills and behaviors that successful entrepreneurs have and employ. This blog post was based on research by the late Dr. Bill Bonnstetter, my hero of assessments, motivation and behavioral research.

Have You Missed Anything?

Leadership Blog #61 - Have You Missed Anything?

“Improvement begins with I.” says Arnold H. Glasow. The way to successful leadership is to aspire for continuous improvement. Have you ever wondered how to lead more effectively? If so, there’s a good news I’m excited to share with you. The John

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