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Will Your Next Training Change People and Culture or Fail?

Leadership Blog #76 —Will Your Next Training Change People and Culture or Fail?

Three Tools to ELAvate Training Success Companies spend billions of dollars around the globe to train people to change on skill, attitude and process. Most of it is event driven and usually ends up with the training program going on

Teaching the Teachers for Managers That Activate Change

Leadership Blog #64 - Teaching the Teachers for Managers That Activate Change

Recently there was a very very good article in the Economist Magazine called “Teaching the Teachers.” It succinctly outlined that the best teachers are made not born and went on to support this with research on great teachers that develop

Activating Organizational Change that Lasts

Leadership Blog #63 - Activating Organizational Change that Lasts

Many times a week I come across blogs that speak about how to change yourself, eliminate bad habits and learn new ways to do things. How much more difficult it is then for you to be tasked to change a

Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change | ELAvate! Leaders Blog

“Change is the only constant.” Many of us have heard this saying before. And the fact that the world is constantly changing is certainly undeniable. Any company that chooses to remain stagnant and refuses to “ride the wave”, is bound

Cooking Up Change: The 3rd Ingredient of Effective Global Leadership

Production: Cooking the Dish

This is part three of the Cooking Up Change Series where Kevin shares the three ingredients that most leadership models and global leaders have in common. Check out previous posts:  The first ingredient The second ingredient Leadership is a lot like cooking.  It’s

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