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What is Your Skill Set for the Future?

The World Economic Forum has produced a report called “The Future of Jobs Report” that makes well researched predictions about the changes in jobs, redundancies, and skill sets needed by 2022.  Let’s get to it and review their 2022 skills

Life-Giving Leader – Dr. Tim Elmore’s Take

On this week’s blog, I would like to take one of Dr. Tim Elmore’s insights on Life-Giving Leader for us, Today’s Leaders.   What Does It Mean To Be a Life-Giving Leader? I’m not sure if you’ve heard the rumblings,

Apply the Handy Curves: Remain Relevant Through Resilience and Renewal

As leaders of organizations, we need to grow our people, processes, and products to remain relevant to our market, customers, and stakeholders. Our leadership must have vision, resilience and renewal to innovate to new market relevance. Think of those companies

Five Steps to Develop Effective Communication

Dr. Tim Elmore is one of the best communicators I have ever met. In fact, Tim is my hero for effective public speaking. He has taught me that to be an successful leader, you must be able to communicate well

Second Chances – Dr. Tim Elmore’s Take

Dr. Tim Elmore is a wise man and great coach of younger people. His recent blog on giving people second chances made me reflect on how many I have been given as well as the second chances I have given

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How to Give a Presentation to Strangers

As a transformational leader, you often have to stand and talk to strangers. Bill Rosenthal, CEO of our partner Communispond, has shared his insight on giving presentation to strangers. This will elevate your presentation skills whether you’re presenting to a

Why Mentoring Is Important

I came across this article on Mentoring. This article by TTI Success Insight’s Editor, Dave Clark will give you further insight on types of mentors and their ways of mentoring. Read the complete article below to grow more as a leader

Leading Young Men to Adulthood

Leadership Blog #99 — Leading Young Men to Adulthood

The journey of transformation from a young man to a mature adult can be challenging. Many more young men are now trapped between adolescence and adulthood. Positive role models are crucial during this transition. Yet often, they are few and

Leading Young Adults to Self-Confidence

Leadership Blog #85 — Leading Young Adults to Self-Confidence

“I can’t do it.” “I don’t know how to…” “It can’t be done.” Have you heard these from seemingly capable young adults? According to Growing Leader’s survey responses on what leadership skill or quality students believe they lack the most,

Coaching Skills that Support Your Employees’ Internal Motivation

Leadership Blog #81 — Coaching Skills that Support Your Employees’ Internal Motivation

In every industry, unmotivated and unengaged employees are a leadership problem. If you have led a team, you would most likely have encountered this problem. Many leaders turn to the common motivation tactics—performance-based raises, tangible rewards or even punishments. Do

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