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How are You Coping and Growing Through the Covid Crisis?

Dear ELAvate Friends, Covid is causing you to change. These changes can make you a better leader, a better spouse, and even a better parent. How are you growing or coping through this Covid changes and maintaining healthy relationships? My

Two Key Behaviors for Leaders leading through Crisis By Alycia Sutor

    Adapted from GrowthPlay, an ELAvate Partner The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the world of work and life.  What has not changed, however, is the need for great leadership.   GrowthPlay has identified what ELAvate believes are the top

How to Harness Originality and Great Ideas in the Workplace

For this week’s Blog, I bring in a wonderful insight on from Dave Clark on Originality and Ideas. Read further for this amazing insight! By Dave Clark Have you ever had a great idea, but were afraid to express it for

The Seven Dimensions of Culture Certification Workshop By Dr. Fons Trompenaars in Singapore!

I normally do not use my blog space to “promote” but this is an excellent exception. In 1994, I read the book “Riding the Waves of Culture” by Dr. Fons Trompenaars. This book and it’s exposition of Seven Dimensions of

Five Steps to Develop Effective Communication

Dr. Tim Elmore is one of the best communicators I have ever met. In fact, Tim is my hero for effective public speaking. He has taught me that to be an successful leader, you must be able to communicate well

Business Communication Skills When Business Isn’t The Main Job

I recently read an article from our partner Communispond. It highlights the importance of communication within the medical industry and the medical professionals have multiple segments that they have to interact on a daily basis. However, communication is important within

5 ELAvate Leadership Articles You’ll Enjoy

Since joining ELAvate, I’ve spent many hours reading through our blog articles. My PhD research focuses on strategic leadership and the material that ELAvate has complied over the years keeps me enthralled for hours. It literally covers all aspects of

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

One of the keys to good leadership is communication. It is a fundamental part which is so often over looked. This article by Rachel Harner at Communispond, goes back to the very beginning of the philosophy of public speaking based

How to Give a Presentation to Strangers

As a transformational leader, you often have to stand and talk to strangers. Bill Rosenthal, CEO of our partner Communispond, has shared his insight on giving presentation to strangers. This will elevate your presentation skills whether you’re presenting to a

Churchill Recipe for Presentation Impact

Giving powerful presentations multiplies your influence as a leader. The former Prime Minister Winston Churchill teaches us the recipe for giving impactful messages when public speaking. I learned this from Dr. Tim Elmore in his Habitude leadership lesson called “The

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