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I Continually Need to Take Initiative to Be Inclusive

By Michael J Griffin The global pandemic has magnified the differences between races, ethnic groups and “suku” across the world. In my state where I was born, Michigan, African Americans are dying from Covid at about double the rate of

4 Simple Ways to Build a Conscious Culture at Your Company

By Joe Galvin of Vistage Company culture starts with leadership. Don’t leave your culture to its own devices. Build it with intention as the leaders of a company influence your culture! First let’s define company culture based on Dr. Fons

The Future of Intercultural Training: 4 Trends for 2020

by Nicole Barile of NB Intercultural Nicole outlines why intercultural training is a skill we all need. Read on for this short 3 minute read. My company, ELAvate is an Asian Leader in Intercultural Inclusivity Training for Global Leaders, Sales

How to Harness Originality and Great Ideas in the Workplace

For this week’s Blog, I bring in a wonderful insight on from Dave Clark on Originality and Ideas. Read further for this amazing insight! By Dave Clark Have you ever had a great idea, but were afraid to express it for

The Seven Dimensions of Culture Certification Workshop By Dr. Fons Trompenaars in Singapore!

I normally do not use my blog space to “promote” but this is an excellent exception. In 1994, I read the book “Riding the Waves of Culture” by Dr. Fons Trompenaars. This book and it’s exposition of Seven Dimensions of

Goals are Overrated – Good Habits are Underrated

Mark Mason wrote a blog in 2016 on goals versus habits called “Your Goals are Overrated.” It got me thinking as I read it on how habits, good or bad, affect my success in life (if you read, some of

Seven Emotions That Follow a Sense of Entitlement

Dr. Tim Elmore wrote on his recent blog about the seven emotions that follow that sense of Entitlement. Read on for his insight on this! Michael J. Griffin Founder ELAvate John Maxwell Team Founder A few short years ago, corporate

Trust: The Key to Motivation

Trust: The Key to Motivation | ELAvate! Leaders Blog

It is undeniable that one crucial factor to an organization’s success is its employees’ commitment. With that being said, it is important for leaders to keep their employees motivated to achieve goals and results. And we are not talking about

ELAvate Your Personal Leadership Growth in 2016!

With 2015 coming to an end, it is time to look back and review your leadership journey for the past year. Be it a smooth cruise or a roller coaster ride, it is no doubt that 2015 has been a

The Big ‘C’: A Lid Lifter or Trap for Your Leadership Growth?


In my last blog, I highlighted the 6 C’s of Relationships: Coaches, Comrades, Casuals, Cares, Chronics and Contaminants. These C’s only form one dimension of the Big ‘C’ or what we call ‘Culture’. We are all fish in the pond

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