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Inspiring Quotes to Motivate You Through Crisis and Change

By Michael J Griffin Inspiring quotes by authors of famous people that I respect motivate me to reach my full potential, fail forward, or change through times of crisis. Here are quotes to inspire you as a leader through this

The 5 R’s for Post Covid Success Review, Reflect, Rejoice, Recalibrate and Renew

      By Michael J Griffin 4 minute read How many of us, in January, had developed great plans and set exciting goals for 2020? Then Covid hit. It’s half year so why not prepare for a much better

How are You Coping and Growing Through the Covid Crisis?

Dear ELAvate Friends, Covid is causing you to change. These changes can make you a better leader, a better spouse, and even a better parent. How are you growing or coping through this Covid changes and maintaining healthy relationships? My

How to Adapt During Crisis by DISC Behavior

    By Carol Mettenbrink, Consultant at TTI Success Insights– An ELAvate Partner As your Senior Business Services Consultant at TTI SI, I wanted to learn more about how each behavioral style has been reacting to our current global situation.

Some Very interesting News Korn Ferry Acquires Miller Heiman Group and Achieve Forum

Yesterday morning I awoke to some very interesting news! My two principals, Miller Heiman Group – MHG (AchieveGlobal sales training before) and Achieve Forum – AF (AchieveGlobal Leadership training before) were acquired by Korn Ferry, the very large human resource

Ways to Unlock Creativity

For this week’s Blog, I bring in a wonderful insight on Creativity by Dave Clark. Read further for this amazing insight! By Dave Clark Johnny Dwinell, veteran Nashville artist/producer/businessman, recently shared insight into increasing one’s creativity. Inspired by John Cleese of Monty

What is Your Skill Set for the Future?

The World Economic Forum has produced a report called “The Future of Jobs Report” that makes well researched predictions about the changes in jobs, redundancies, and skill sets needed by 2022.  Let’s get to it and review their 2022 skills

Seven Emotions That Follow a Sense of Entitlement

Dr. Tim Elmore wrote on his recent blog about the seven emotions that follow that sense of Entitlement. Read on for his insight on this! Michael J. Griffin Founder ELAvate John Maxwell Team Founder A few short years ago, corporate


One of my favorite blogs is “Seth’s Blog” by Seth Godin. Short insightful and to the point. Here is his insights on choices we all make in life. “Choices” by Seth Bodin Judge people by where they came from …

Get out of Your Own Way to Achieve Success Dave Clark’s Insights

Sometimes we are the biggest barrier to our achievements and successes. Our own barriers can block us from reaching our full potential in family, career, financial independence, and personal growth. Dave Clark, of TTI Success Insights has written a refreshing

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