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Some Very interesting News Korn Ferry Acquires Miller Heiman Group and Achieve Forum

Yesterday morning I awoke to some very interesting news! My two principals, Miller Heiman Group – MHG (AchieveGlobal sales training before) and Achieve Forum – AF (AchieveGlobal Leadership training before) were acquired by Korn Ferry, the very large human resource

Soft Skills or Hard Skills – Which is More Important?

For this week, I would like to share you an article from Rieke Geerlings of TTI SI. This article is filled with insight on which set of skills more important Soft Skills or Hard Skills? Read this wonderful article below

Create Leadership Development that Lasts in 2019

Scott Bohannon is the CEO of AchieveForum. He has written an insightful blog on how to develop leadership training that sticks. Read on! By Scott Bohannon Happy New Year! Let me suggest a difficult New Year’s resolution: At least half

What it takes to be a successful Strategic Leader?

With the smorgasbord of leadership theories being studied by practitioners and researchers alike, there is one that always stands out for being at the pinnacle of the field; Strategic Leadership. The term strategic leadership often gets thrown about with a

The benefits of developing your human capital into Leaders

One of the things that can make us successful in life is our ability to learn new skills. We’ve done it throughout our entire lives. As children; we learnt to walk, we learnt to talk. As we’ve grown, we’ve learnt

Why Mentoring Is Important

I came across this article on Mentoring. This article by TTI Success Insight’s Editor, Dave Clark will give you further insight on types of mentors and their ways of mentoring. Read the complete article below to grow more as a leader

Best 5 Leadership Posts of 2017

Leadership Blog #97 — Top 5 Leadership Posts of 2017

As we moved forward into the new year, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the highlights of 2017 from our leadership blog. Among the various topics we had shared, these are the best five posts that

Develop Leadership Pipeline to Build Current and Future Success

Leadership Blog #92 — Develop Leadership Pipeline to Build Current and Future Success

A vibrant leadership pipeline secures the long-term stability of your organisation. Being strategic about your leadership talent pipeline as you are about your business ensures that you’re building a robust pipeline that attracts and retains leaders whilst aligns to deliver

Inspire Leaders From High Potential to High Performance

Leadership Blog #90 — Inspire Leaders From High Potential to High Performance

Every company has some high potential (HiPo) leaders in their midst. The challenge is how to identify them. Accurately distinguishing the high performance and high potentials employees greatly helps an organisation to develop and retain top talent—and vice versa. Recently, our

Who’s in Charge?

Leadership Blog #89 — Who's in Charge?

Are you in charge of your kids or are they in charge of you? It may be good to lead with empathy. However, the majority of us have not figured out how to be empathetic while still remain directive. Recently,

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