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Inspiring Quotes to Motivate You Through Crisis and Change

By Michael J Griffin Inspiring quotes by authors of famous people that I respect motivate me to reach my full potential, fail forward, or change through times of crisis. Here are quotes to inspire you as a leader through this


One of my favorite blogs is “Seth’s Blog” by Seth Godin. Short insightful and to the point. Here is his insights on choices we all make in life. “Choices” by Seth Bodin Judge people by where they came from …

Wise Leadership Proverbs from Solomon

King Solomon has been called the wisest person who ever walked on earth. I have been reading his proverbs on leadership and found many of them insightful. Let’s have a quick review of his words of wisdom that may accelerate

Listening: One of the Best Kept Secrets of Leaders


Good leaders don’t just magically produce a vision. First, they gather intelligence by listening to the people who interact with the world in various situations at different levels. But listening is not easy: conversation is usually divided between two states:

Welcome to the ELAvate! Leaders Blog

Welcome to the ELAvate! Leaders Blog, a blog that focuses on growing you as a leader of significance. The big door of my leadership journey started as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Malaysia. Since then, I have served under

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