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What People Need Most from Their Leaders in Times of Crisis

by Dr. Tim Elmore, CEO and Founder of Growing Leaders – An ELAvate Partner There is a piece of content making its way around on social media right now that summarizes what every leader needs to remember as we endure

The Work of the Manager By Dr. Peter Drucker

During my morning quiet time, I always read the “The Daily Drucker.” This book is a compilation of the best of Peter Drucker’s insights.  He has been called the “Father of Modern Management.” I find it amazing his insights, advice

Life-Giving Leader – Dr. Tim Elmore’s Take

On this week’s blog, I would like to take one of Dr. Tim Elmore’s insights on Life-Giving Leader for us, Today’s Leaders.   What Does It Mean To Be a Life-Giving Leader? I’m not sure if you’ve heard the rumblings,

Trust: The Glue that Keeps Us Together, The Oil that Facilitates Smooth Communication

As of this week, I have lived in Asia 43 years. I came out as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Malaysia hoping to “teach” Malaysians a few things. But was my perception off! Asia has taught me much more

Wise Leadership Proverbs from Solomon

King Solomon has been called the wisest person who ever walked on earth. I have been reading his proverbs on leadership and found many of them insightful. Let’s have a quick review of his words of wisdom that may accelerate

Not Just Another Leadership Theory

Not Just Another Leadership Theory | ELAvate! Leaders Blog

Leadership has been one of the most researched, most written about, and perhaps the least understood topics in our modern world. From the Great Man theory in the late 1800s, to the Behavioral theories in the 1970s, to more recent

The Three Levels of Leadership


I always enjoy reading books on leadership and also engage in intelligent conversations with friends, business partners, CEOs and also friends in the government sectors on leadership. Speaking about this topic, I would like to share a memorable moment whereby

Seven Ways to Serve

Leadership ELAvate Leaders

Blogs, magazines, and books are filled with tips and tools on how to become a “great leader.” This blog is no exception. Many of these insights are helpful and needed. However, while the focus of most leadership literature is on

Wise Leaders Cultivate a Healthy Inner Circle

Emotional Fuel

It always concerns me when I hear a leader or business person say “I am a self made man” or “I am a self made woman.” No person achieves success or to the pinnacle of significance by doing it all

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