Leadership Blog #100 — Communicate Effectively with the Secret of Chosen Words

Communicate Effectively with the Secret of Chosen Words

Imagine having a conversation with four different people:

Person A: ‘Let’s show the boss how innovative our minds are.’
Person B: ‘Follow these directions for optimal performance.’
Person C: ‘Give me an educated guess on why our KPIs are not met this quarter.’
Person D: ‘The rules are the same for everyone.’

Who would you have more difficulty communicating with? Most likely, you would have reacted negatively to one of them. Why is that so?

The findings from a pilot study conducted by Target Training International's Center for Applied Cognitive Research suggests that certain words may evoke negative reaction in your brain immediately upon hearing them. As to which words trigger, that largely depends on your dominant behavioral style (DISC).

Using the earlier example:

Person A’s words do not work for people with the primary Steadiness style.
Person B’s words do not work for people with the primary Dominance style.
Person C’s words do not work for people with the primary Compliance style.
Person D’s words do not work for people with the primary Influence style.

Download the white paper 'Words that Don't Work' by our partner TTI Success Insights to discover more findings from the study and improve your communication with your bosses, colleagues, team members, clients, or anyone who has a different dominant behavioral style from you.

Understanding other styles, appreciating differences and knowing how to adapt to other communication styles will significantly impact the performance of a team. Time and again, in my years of training leaders, I have witnessed DISC aiding many teams in collaborating effectively and efficiently.

If you would like to identify and understand the primary DISC style of your own and your team members, drop me an email.

Have a great week breaking communication barriers!

Download ‘Words that Don’t Work’

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