Leadership Blog #92 — Develop Leadership Pipeline to Build Current and Future Success

Develop Leadership Pipeline to Build Current and Future Success

A vibrant leadership pipeline secures the long-term stability of your organisation.

Being strategic about your leadership talent pipeline as you are about your business ensures that you’re building a robust pipeline that attracts and retains leaders whilst aligns to deliver against the desired results of your business.

With four decades of experience with business leaders, our partner AchieveForum found that highly effective leaders excel in four areas. The development of leaders at all levels should focus on specific areas to drive effectiveness, agility, and strategy execution now and in the future.

These focus areas play out differently for different leadership levels. Similar to having a different approach for targeting each audience needs, leaders are the same. First-line, mid-level, and high-potential/ senior leaders have their unique needs. As they move up the ranks, leaders must expand and deepen their focus in each of these areas to be effective.

AchieveForum’s point of view paper, “Align Your Business and Leadership Strategies”, reveals more on these four focus areas and the characteristics that should be the spotlight of design for each level of leader.

Download to learn more on building a pipeline of leadership talent to execute strategy for today and tomorrow.

Download ‘Align Your Business and Leadership Strategies’

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