How are You Coping and Growing Through the Covid Crisis?

Dear ELAvate Friends,

Covid is causing you to change. These changes can make you a better leader, a better spouse, and even a better parent. How are you growing or coping through this Covid changes and maintaining healthy relationships?

My good friend, Dr. Fons Trompenaars (HBR calls him a top expert in culture), has developed a very insightful, research based Covid Resilience Profile that gives you feedback on your ability to cope, grow and change through the Covid crisis across the following:

Seven Covid Resilience Dimensions:

  • Time -How you deal with lockdown
  • Compliance– How you comply with authority’s Covid restrictions
  • Inside Out – How you develop your view of Covid changes to cope
  • Cooperation – How do you collaborate with others through Covid
  • Moments of Truth – How is your trust level to specialists of Covid
  • Leadership – How well do reconcile your organization’s needs with needs of team
  • Emotions – How well do you combine scientific opinion with your gut feeling

Take the Covid Resilience Profile by clicking on this link:

The CR profile results are confidential and do not require your name. After receiving your CR profile and the interpretation of your Covid Resilience, you may contact me directly if you need help with your “Covid Resilience.” My email is

You are encouraged to send this email and Free CR profile link to as many people you want: staff, team members, or family. It is our way of supporting you and those in your circle of influence to maintain healthy relationships and come out a stronger leaders through this Covid crisis.

Just give credit to Dr. Trompenaars and ELAvate Training.

Those of you that want to delve deeper into Covid and Culture may listen to Fon’s audio link on resilience in Covid.

Dr. Trompenaars and the ELAvate Team are committed to your health and growth through this crisis. Keep Safe. Keep Learning. Keep Growing.

Michael J Griffin
THT Cross Cultural Consultant since 1995
ELAvate Leadership Coach

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