Keeping Your Relationships On Track

Working in high pressure environments has the potential to put strain on your relationships. As a leader you are completely dependent on your followers; in the words of John Maxwell, “A leader without followers, is just an someone taking a walk”. It is your job to keep all of your relationships healthy. More importantly, it is your job to keep the relationship between your followers healthy too.

Stress or tiredness has the ability the diminish the true ability of someone. People act in their basic or natural form. TTI Success Insights shows this by presenting two versions of your personality in their DISC analysis; one being their natural form, who they are by themselves, under stress or when they are tired. This has been developed from birth and only really changes when a serious event in their life occurs. The second form is their adaptive style. All of us have the potential to adapt our behavior to suit the current situation. However, even when a leader is under duress they must be able to act with integrity to keep their team on course.

Complicating things further is Culture. Growing up in different environments provides us with different social norms and values, these might not always be universal. What is acceptable in one country or culture could be seen as horrendously rude by another. Although no offensive would have been intended, it has the potential to damage the working relationship of your team, especial if the team has a variety of cultures.

Not managing the relationships f your team correctly can have some serious affects. Performance will slip as people focus on the internal issues and not on the objectives. If left untreated a key individual from your team could become ostracized from the group which will lead to them leaving.

To keep everyone working at their best, here are 6 basic principles that we follow for all our interactions at ELAvate.

1.        Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person.

2.        Maintain the self confidence and self-esteem of others

3.        Maintain constructive relationships

4.        Take initiative to make things better

5.        Lead by example

6.        Think beyond the moment


E.M. Godsman

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