Leadership Blog #95 — “Out of the Box” Year End Leadership Actions for a Better 2018

“Out of the Box” Year End Leadership Actions for a Better 2018

Here it is December and we are being reminded to set our goals and make our 2018 resolutions. Why not approach 2018 differently and adopt some of the 'Out of the Box' but practical activities you may do to give you a better 'start to finish' in 2018.

Make a Gratitude List. Review 2017 and list out what you are grateful for. What went well? How have others blessed you? Who to write a thank you note or email to? Reflect on what you might do to be more gracious and giving in 2018.

Unsubscribe. It is amazing how many emails, blogs and e-zines we sign up for but rarely find useful. Make a serious effort to unsubscribe and eliminate emails that you do not need to receive. Be more email productive and dump the trash.

Be Coached and Mentored. Determine how you want to grow in 2018. Then identify the coaches or mentors that can help you, and ask them for their monthly time in 2018. Remember if they cannot commit, ask for a coach/mentor referral as these many times are more satisfying coaching experiences.

Give Quantity to Your Family. Giving quality time to your spouse and kids is a big lie. Figure out how you may give more quantity time to your family and loved ones. They will decide out of the quantity time you give them, what is quality they receive being with you. Take a bold step and make an effort to be the available mentor.

Use up the Vacation Time. Don't let those unused vacation days go to waste. Use up all your vacation time. Give yourself a break.

Forgive. The opposite of your Gratitude List might be called 'Who Stuffed You List.' Not forgiving someone is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die. Decide to forgive those who stuffed, you took advantage of you, hurt you and move on with life in 2018.

Determine Your Life Mission and Purpose. Your life purpose isn't your company name card or LinkedIn page. It is living a life of significance. Download my 'Life Purpose Pyramid' and determine your input for each slab of the pyramid. Take your time over the holidays and see what the pyramid reveals to you for 2018.

Read More. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk all attribute part of their success to reading more. Read more. You may even want to take an effective reading course.

Determine your 'Daily 5 Swings.' John Maxwell in his book '15 Invaluable Laws of Growth,' John teaches us to determine what are the 5 actions we need to do daily to grow. The reason I suggest this is I find many people have a disconnect between their goals for the year and determining what they need to do daily to grow and achieve their goals. My 5 Daily Swings are: Read, Be Healthy, Add Value, Innovate, and Improve.

Affirm Others. I found this ignored habit has paid me dividends in being positive, being secure, and being gracious. Simply, affirm, recognize or care for at least 3 people every day. See how your outlook on people changes. The holiday season is a good time to start.

Take a different approach to 2018, grow yourself and your healthy relationships for a more significant 2018.

Download the ‘Personal Pyramid’ Diagram 

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