The 5 R’s for Post Covid Success Review, Reflect, Rejoice, Recalibrate and Renew




By Michael J Griffin

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How many of us, in January, had developed great plans and set exciting goals for 2020? Then Covid hit. It’s half year so why not prepare for a much better second half in 2020? How might you do this?

Review your life, your work and personal situation as of this half year.
Reflect on how your life has changes, how you have coped or adapted.
Rejoice for the changes that have happened in Covid to improve my life.
Recalibrate your life, your goals, your competence to be a better leader.
Renew your attitude and commitments for a more successful second half.

Review. Last week I reviewed my life and saw what a wreck my vision and goals were for 2020. I also reviewed how my career and my relationships have changed through Covid. I have goals across Family, Spiritual, Career, Learning and Growth, Finance,  Volunteering and Health. Over 50% of my goals needed to change for the remainder of 2020! Like a captain in a storm, I realized I have to adjust and trim my sails to make through this Covid storm. What has remained rock solid is my mission and values in my life. My ship is still headed for the harbour.

Reflect. Covid has given me more time for me to practice mindfulness and meditation. The change in life pace has allowed me to slow down and reflect on where am I in life, how healthy are my relationships, how have I been blessed, and where might I be headed in the post Covid journey of life.

Rejoice. Many changes through 2020 Covid may have been positive for you. Count your blessings and positive changes in your life. In my life, I have been able to up my cycling mileage and lose 9kg, I am much safer as an elderly man in Singapore, I have learned new virtual skills, and I have strengthened my relationships in my work and family. But my greatest joy is that I have moved in with my two daughters and lovely grand daughter Lara Mei Griffin. Why not take time today and rejoice on what positive changes have made your life better?

Recalibrate. Post Covid will certainly be different. You will have to recalibrate key areas of your life: job and skills, goals for the second half, change or adjust relationships, your health, and of course, your own attitude to post Covid life. Recently, I coached 20 senior managers for a multinational company on how they will lead others and meet their post Covid goals for the remainder of 2020. It was insightful to see the range of attitudes and how these managers recalibrated to be even more successful in 2020. Part of this coaching project was to do a 360/180 degree survey, review their DISC profiles to gain insight in their leadership styles and competence during this time of stress and change. Change causes you to change, I suggest you might want to do a DISC profile, a Strength Finder Profile, and even a 360 to give deep insight of how you are adapting. The finally recalibrate your second half goals for 2020 across these areas: Family, Spiritual, Career, Finance, Learning and Growth, Volunteering and Health.

Renew. Time waits for no one, even in this Covid Crisis. After you have recalibrated your new goals and cultivated a positive attitude to get through Covid, be the captain of your life and put your stronger ship out to sea! Don’t stagnate in the “pity port.” This may mean some uncomfortable or even risky changes in your journey and your life destination: a new career, a move to a new company or even country, and renewed stronger “crew” of relationships to travel with you in your life journey. Start by renewing your life for a better second half in 2020. You will be glad you did.

Books for Life Changes:

  • What Color is My Parachute by Dr. Richard Bolles
  • Take the Leap by Sarah Bliss
  • Half Time by Bob Buford (Christian)
  • Pivot by Jenny Blake
  • Coach Yourself to a New Career by Talane Meidaner

And you may email for career and life calling advice

I hope you have a great second half!

Michael J. Griffin
Founder ELAvate!
John Maxwell Coach
TTISI Partner

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