The Work of the Manager By Dr. Peter Drucker

During my morning quiet time, I always read the “The Daily Drucker.” This book is a compilation of the best of Peter Drucker’s insights.  He has been called the “Father of Modern Management.” I find it amazing his insights, advice and predictions are still very relevant today! Read his clear and concise summary of the five basic operations of all managers.

“Managers can improve their performance by improving their performance of these constituent activities.”

There are five basic operations in the work of the manager.

  • Managers, in the first place, set objectives. They determine what the objectives should be. They determine what the goals in each area of objectives should be. They decide what has to be done to reach these objectives. They make the objectives effective by communicating them to the people whose performance is needed to attain them.
  • Second, managers organize. They analyze the activities, decisions, and relations needed. They classify the work. They divide it into manageable activities and further divide the activities into manageable jobs. They group these units and jobs into an organization structure. They select people for the management of these units and for the jobs to be done.
  • Next, managers motivate and communicate. They make a team out of people who are responsible for various jobs.
  • The fourth basic element in the work of the manager is measurement. The manager establishes yardsticks – and few factors are as important to the performance of the organization and of every person in it.
  • Finally, managers develop people, including themselves.


ACTION POINT: Manage by setting objectives and organizing, motivating, communicating with, measuring, and developing people, including yourself.

Taken from Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices by Dr. Drucker


Read more about Peter Drucker’s Life and accomplishments from his Wikipedia page here

I suggest get your hands on a Drucker book and begin your learning for 2020 by absorbing and applying this man’s leadership wisdom.


Have a great week!

Michael J Griffin

Founder ELAvate

John Maxwell Team Founder

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