Who is this High Performance Team?

Dr. Katzenbach and Dr. Smith of Harvard Business School have an excellent definition of High Performing Teams. Here it is (with the words in parentheses added by myself):

A small number of (high trust) people with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose (mission), performance goals, and approach (process) for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

I experienced a world class high performance team recently in Singapore. Can you guess who?

1.      A group of 4

2.      Been together since 1976, formed in Dublin, Ireland

3.      Each has complimentary skills

4.      They have grossed USD 1 billion in the past ten years

5.      Their common purpose is to give you a healing experience

6.      They deliver 25 unique musical experiences that link your life and emotions

7.      They can depend on each other and are mutually accountable to serve their customers with exceptional unbelievable delivery

8.      They share their earnings from each event they do equally

9.      They are a “Band of Brothers” who love and trust each other

10.  I have seen them 10 times

11.  Elavation, Vertigo, 360, and Joshua Tree are names of  of their global work around the world

12.  Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam are their names

13.  After 42 years, they finally arrived in Singapore delivering a High Energy Performance. I was healed again.

Who is this High Performance Team? None other than the rock group U2! Enough of the written word. Here are some photos of their Singapore Joshua Tree Tour Rock concert!

Have great week listening to U2!

Michael J Griffin

Founder ELAvate

U2 Fan!

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